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Submitted on
December 18, 2013


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This world

The world is a funny place, a funny place indeed. We follow so blindly to anyone who'll lead.

We don't discipline our children, yet expect them to behave. We don't believe in God, yet we use His name in vain.

The Bible is a great book though, at least, a few pages are... but we don't bother to look too closely, we don't go very far.

We want world peace, we want clean air, we want good health, but to change the way we live? Why, we wouldn't dare!

We want to love and be loved alike, but we know not that true love comes with a price.

We prideful beings, we act on impulse, leaving behind a path of destruction we, ourselves, repulse.

We are in want of the product of cultivation, yet refuse to lift a finger; we haven't built a foundation.

Morality and prudence are matters of the past; we'd rather sell our bodies and hope that "love" will last.

Freedom do be is what we crave; yet depression and pride hold us as slaves.

The media distorts everything, yet we listen with great intent. Controlled by those bestowed with power, silencing any argument.

Are you happy with this new world we hold so dear? Because it is absolutely everything I fear.